Systems Integration

Dadelus Engineering s primarily systems integration and engineering/consulting firm that assists our customers with a variety of technical solutions including radio frequency (RF) communications systems, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) deployments and IP network design.  We assist our customers with request for proposal (RFP) development, needs assessments, site surveys, requirements analysis, operations planning and process design as well as system acceptance and RF coverage testing.

Land Mobile Radio

Dadelus Engineering has extensive experience in the public safety two-way radio industry.  We have experience in the design and implementation of some of the largest and busiest public safety radio networks in the world including several statewide networks.

Available services include network and system design engineering and consulting, system alignment and integration, and legacy system migration planning.

SCADA Design Services

Supervisory control and data acquisition systems are vital to our communities and typically are defined as critical infrastructure.  Designing and securing theses systems is of particular importance.  Our design team can provide a robust and secure SCADA deployment as well as maintenance or modifications of existing networks.

IP Network Design Services

The world is increasingly dependent upon TCP/IP.  Designing a robust and secure IP network is tantamount to delivering audio between users on IP-based systems whether that is a conventional system or a sophisticated P25 trunking network.

Dadelus Engineering can provide design and integration services for these implementations at any level for our customers.  Security audits and full system administration services are all available.

RF Traffic and Interference Analysis

With any digitally trunked communication system it is possible to determine the probability of channel availability at differing rates of system loading.  This function is known popularly as the Erlang probability distribution.

Modeling a digital communications system using call queuing is a complicated mathematical exercise and no two systems are identical.  In order to provide the most accurate model to the customer, Dadelus Engineering uses a variety of data gathered from the system and the customer in order to predict loading.

Data applications are a special case and can vary greatly in the amount of bandwidth used and the efficiency of transfers depending on the application.  Dadelus Engineering has worked with many customers to tune their data applications for maximum RF efficiency and transfer rates.

Intermodulation and RF interference analyses are also design services that we offer to our customers.

Coverage Design and Testing

Dadelus Engineering can provide coverage analysis reports on any RF network.   Whether its land-based or even water-based, we can supply the personnel, equipment, and vehicles or any combination thereof to make any CATP a turn-key operation for our customers.

We have extensive experience using some of the most popular coverage measurement tools available today.  Dadelus can also perform both pre and post-rebanding measurements including delivered audio quality (DAQ) testing with our trained team of personnel.  We can deliver raw data only or post-process the data for our customers as well in order to compare against predicted coverage or a previous CATP baseline.

Mobile Data Integration

Mobile Data often presents a particular number of unique challenges for today’s RF networks.  Coverage design limits change, traffic analysis and user density variables are different, middleware exists to optimize performance over-the-air.  In short, a good MDT network is not as simple as installing a laptop in a vehicle.

Dadelus Engineering can provide services for MDT projects including network design, integration testing, deployment & configuration management.  RF design, coverage testing, traffic analysis, product qualification, and failure analysis are also available.

Soil Resistivity Testing / Grounding Audits

Dadelus Engineering has extensive experience with RF site grounding. We can audit existing installations with non-destructive testing methodologies, make recommendations on upgrades or changes desired or design new grounding systems for your application.

Project Management

Dadelus Engineering can provide project management services for any type of technical project under consideration.  Contact us here for details.